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Hampton Lutheran School

Kindergarten Supply List

 -School Bag-A larger size works best!  Label it

-12 regular #2 pencils(yellow work the best)

-Box of 8 washable markers (basic colors)

-Box of 24 crayons

-Scissors (Fiskars)

-2 Glue sticks

-Money for snacks-$5/quarter or $20/year

-2 Boxes of Kleenex


-Earphones for use with iPads 

The following items can be donated

-Package of brightly colored copy paper

-Container of disinfecting wipes

-Bottle of foaming hand soap

Please bring supplies with you the Kindergarten Class meeting!

First & Second Grade

2 Pink Erasers
2 Glue Sticks
2 Boxes of Kleenex
1 age appropriate scissors
1 Ruler wooden with CM/IN
3 Ring Binder 2″ (white with clear pockets 
on the front and back)
1 Pack of #2 Pencils with NOTHING ON
(YELLOW OR ANY COLOR, BUT NO pictures or designs)
1 Spiral – wide ruled your choice of color or designNot sure yet about pencil box, I will let you know ASAP when it is finalized.Class dues (for the rest of the school supplies are due the night of our meeting on Wednesday, August 13 at 7:30p.m., as of now the dues are $10.00



*Third & Fourth Grade

24 #2 pencils .. Plain yellows work the best.
4 …70 page notebook .. Four different colors would be great!
4 small glue sticks or 2 large glue sticks
4 folders with pockets without brads
 different colors would work great!
1 pair of pointed scissors .. Fiscars work the best
1box of colored pencils 
1 package of markers broad tip 
2 red pens 
1 package of sticky place markers (found in office supply section) or
 can be called post-it sticky bookmarks.
1 package of sticky notes (small or medium size) 
1 box gallon baggies (boys) 
1 box quart size baggies (girls) 
1 box or bag to hold supplies 
Ruler with inches and centimeters
Liquid glue
One pair of ear buds… they will keep these
16 crayons OR if you want you can get larger boxes.
Please label each item before sending it to school. 
Some supplies may need to be replenished during the school year. 

If you want to donate to the classroom you can pick from the following items…

1 container of Lysol wipes or Clorox 
1 ream of colored copy paper ..the brighter the betterJ
Spray cleaner… no Clorox please ..Mr. Clean works the best.

mechanical pencils
Nylon book covers
Highlighters… pink, blue, yellow

Fifth & Sixth Grade

  • Pencil box
  • 16 regular #2 pencils (we tend to run out)
  • 2 red checking pens or pencils (to be turned in for class use)
  • Thick point markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Set of at least 4 highlighters (buy an extra pink ones)
  • Standard-metric ruler
  • 4 glue sticks
  • Fiskars metal tip scissors (Make sure they are big enough for 5-6 grade hands.)
  • Large eraser
  • 7 seventy-page notebooks (one for each subject) If you find a good bargain, get extras for second semester.  The students generally go through at least 2 notebooks in math and English during the year.
  • NIV Bible
  • Luther’s small catechism (Available at Susan’s or the Chapel in Grand Island.  For those who will attend Pastor Cooper’s confirmation classes,  get the inter-leafed edition)
  • Basic calculator (Make sure the buttons are at least normal size.  No micro-sized calculators please)
  • 2 boxes Kleenex
  • Package of 3 x 5 index cards, lined (to be turned in for class use)
  • Small 3 x 5 file box
  • Bring $5.00 to cover the cost of assignment notebooks.

Optional items include: crayons, thin point markers, gel pens, mechanical pencils, germ-x

Do not bring:   trapper keepers (too big) extra pencil boxes, staplers, rubber bands, novelty items such as desk calendars or pencil holders.  Remembers space is limited. Have fun shopping.

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