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As an important ministry of the congregations, Hampton Lutheran school helps fulfill each of the congregation’s five functions:

  • Education
  • Worship
  • Evangelism
  • Fellowship
  • Service


  • Education occurs daily in all subjects to prepare children to serve God and become responsible stewards of their talents in a joy-filled Christian life.
  • Children are taught the demands of God≠s law and are comforted by the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ as the faith is integrated throughout all subject areas.
  • All subjects are taught by Lutheran Christians who are academically prepared to teach from the Christian viewpoint.
  • Using their God-given abilities, students and teachers strive for excellence as they use effective, up-to-date learning and teaching materials.


  • Worship in at Hampton Lutheran School is not confined to the daily classroom devotion or to whole-school worship experiences, but occurs throughout the day.
  • Children are helped to grow in their prayer lives, learning to pray privately and together whenever needs or opportunities arise.
  • Teachers provide a Christian model by leading worship in school, by faithfully attending congregational worship, and by participating in other aspects of congregational worship life.


  • Children learn to witness naturally and effectively the good news of Jesus≠ love.
  • Through their Christian lives, students bear testimony to each other and to their community.


  • Students and staff accept and value one another as fellow members of the body of Christ.
  • They support and encourage each other and witness to one another.
  • The school community and its members are valued as an important part of St. Peter and Zion and of the body of Christ.
  • The Law and the Gospel are the foundation for all the relationships.
  • Teachers and students work together to maintain a classroom atmosphere of love and joy.


  • Teachers encourage Christ-like compassion and love for all people.
  • As opportunity permits, teachers and students volunteer to serve others together and separately.
  • Hampton Lutheran School serves families in various ways and helps parents carry out their parental responsibilities in Christian Education.

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